Session held to commemorate 3rd anniversary of Zaria Massacre in Nigeria
A session will be held to commemorate 3rd anniversary of Zaria Massacre in Nigeria in which Sheikh Zakzaki the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, was seriously hit and arrested.

According to the report, at the beginning of the meeting, after reciting Holy Quran, a documentary about Sheikh Zaksaki and Zaria's massacre was broadcasted for audience. In this documentary, "Massoud Shajareh", spoke to Sheikh Zekzaki and some activists from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, in a part of the clip, Sheikh Zekzaki, mentioned the co-ordination of the Nigerian government with Zionist regime in suppressing Shiites Muslims in Nigeria. Following to the documentary some eyewitnesses of Zariya Massacre reported use of military heavy arms and continuous shooting by the Nigerian army at the crowd of people.


In the follow-up Dr. Mohammad Hassan Shojaifard, a close associate of the Sheikh Zaksaki in Iran addressed the audience.


Shojayifard said: “Triangle of Washington, London and Tel aviv dominated the world under Zionist leadership until Islamic Revolution of Iran occurred and brought changes to this domination regime.”


He continued: “Imam Khomeini managed to bring down the regime of Shah who was a puppet regime to the global domination regime to assure their interests in the region.”


He added: “they did their best to annihilate the new born revolution by many conspiracies such as the 8 years of Iran-Iraq war in which the Islamic Republic managed to win the war with honor. Not only they failed to annihilate the revolution, but the revolution traveled outside Iranian borders and caused the Islamic Awakening in the region.”


He emphasized: “The Islamic Awakening attracted the hearts and souls of the faithful and they upraised against puppet regimes. In Yemen Seyed Hossein Badr-aldin, used to collect Iranian newspapers from outside the Iranian embassy and then he used to preach his people with the clues he was collecting from the Iranian Newspapers and as a result the revolutionaries brought down the regime Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen.”


Shojayifard continued: “The reason that they kill the supporters of Ahlul-Bayt is that these followers are unstoppable and they follow their demands peacefully, the Zaria massacre was indeed coordinated with Zionist regime and their support. Numbers of people following Sheikh Zakzaki was increasing day by day in Nigeria and it began to alert a threat for the interests of the domination regime.”                


He continued: “Israel does a lot more conspiracies apart from killings and massacre and that is by infiltration. Infiltration is a a lot more dangerous for such movement such as Nigerian Islamic movement.”


He insisted: “Normally infiltration take place, in where killing and massacre does not respond, our revolution was also targeted by infiltration, such as our prime minister was a spy and a traitor.”


He concluded: “from what we have been monitoring, the domination regime with the leadership of Israel is breaching into the heart of Islamic Movement of Nigeria to infiltrate the successful movement of Sheikh Zakzaki and make divisions inside it so that they can fail the movement. Before Sheikh Zakzaki was arrested he discussed the risks of this danger and said that after me they are only two of my followers that worth of trust, so that the rest of the movement can follow they words. Luckily the wisdom of wise and faithful supporters is a major obstacle for the infiltrators, and on God’s will the Islamic Movement of Nigeria will continue the right path.”


Ibraheem Zakzaky was born on 5 May 1953 (15 Sha’ban 1372 AH), in Zaria, Kaduna State. He attended the Provincial Arabic School, Zaria (1969-1970), the School for Arabic Studies, Kano from 1971-1976, where he obtained the ‘Grade II’ Certificate, and the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria (1976-1979), where he earned a first-class bachelor's degree in Economics. The degree was denied to him by the university authorities due to his Islamic activities. During his university days, he was active in student Islamic unionism, where he became the secretary-general of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) at the Main Campus of the university (1977/78), and later became Vice President (International Affairs) of the National Body of the MSSN in 1979.


The same year, he is said to have become so impressed with the 1979 Iranian Revolution Later, Zakzaky went to Iran, ultimately becoming a Shia cleric. At home, he became the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and turned it into a vehicle for proselytizing and gaining followers in the 1990s. As a result of his activities, millions have converted to Shia Islam in a country once with hardly any Shia population.


Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky is an outspoken and foremost Shi'a Muslim cleric in Nigeria. He is the head of Nigeria's Islamic Movement, a movement that he founded in the late 1970s, when he was a student at Ahmadu Bello University, and began preaching Islam around 1979, at the time of the Iranian revolution—which saw Iran’s monarchy overthrown and replaced with an Islamic republic under Ayatollah Khomeini. Zakzaky believed that the establishment of a republic along similar religious lines in Nigeria would be feasible. He has been detained several times due to accusations of civil disobedience or recalcitrance under military regimes in Nigeria during the 1980s and 1990s, and is still viewed with suspicion or as a threat by Nigerian authorities. In December 2015, the Nigerian Army raided his residence in Zaria, seriously injured him, and killed hundreds of his followers; since then, he has remained under state detention in the nation's capital pending his release, which was ordered in late 2016.